Friday, April 8, 2016

Niebieszczany, step 3

Step 3:  Our driver knocked on the door, introduced himself, and explained what we were doing. And just like that, we found cousins!  Assorted comparing of notes, and we established that we were meeting with Dave's second cousin, the grandson of Paul, Stanislaw's brother.

We ended up sitting in their parlor, drinking coffee and comparing ancestor trees, and talking about both families, and then visiting various graves.  Paul came to the US briefly, but returned to the same homestead in Poland.  Frank, his grandson, still lives on the original property, although the original house (wood and thatch) is long gone.  Many other relatives live in the area, including two of Frank's daughters, who also came over to meet us.  None of the Polish Matuszeks spoke English, so it was a lot of smiling and patting and discussion going through our driver,  and as I think about what we learned I realize we still have a bunch of questions, but now we have postal and email addresses!  And they were charming people, and we had a lovely time, and, contrary to what I would have guessed six months ago, it all worked!

Matuszek house.  House where Dave's grandfather lived was in the front yard of this one.


  1. That's wonderful! Now you know more about some relatives you never knew you had.